ChicoFriday, September 30, 2005So I’m here now, sa…


Friday, September 30, 2005

So I’m here now, safe and loud… er, sound.

We biked for a long ways, but ended up using some mass transit. The name of this blog should be Planes, Trains, and Bicycles.

So far John and I are having a great trip though. Wednesday had a bunch of problems, including bicycling all the way up to Antioch/Oakley to get to 160 and ride the bridge across the water, only to find out that 160 is a freeway until it crosses the water, so we couldn’t get our bikes across. There were no city buses or anything nearby to cart our asses, so we had to double back pretty much to Martinez to cross over. I got a flat. I expected at least one during the trip.

We rode Amtrak across the Capitol Corridor (over the Sacremento River). I love trains! I get so much done on them, and I love the big tables and nice light, and smooth ride. Especially dig the ones with the fancy dining cars. John and I went straight to the dining car on ours, which was an older style, everything was wood grain or brass, and there was this real friendly old timer workin’ the place. I saddled up to the counter and ordered a PBR.

The man started laughing and said there’s only been one other time that anyone had ever asked for a Pabst Blue Ribbon on his train.

“This one fella, about ten years ago, he asked me for Pabst Blue Ribbon. I laughed and said son I don’t think they even make those anymore. He had just gotten out of re-education, that’s what I call prison, and I asked him how long had he been locked up. He said 35 years, and I believed it, ’cause nobody orders Pabst Blue Ribbon anymore.. Hehehe, Pabst Blue Ribbon.”

So I ordered a Fat Tire and a Krispy Kreme, a well earned reward for riding my bike pointlessly for many many miles.

John refers to our non biking periods as portaging. Like we ride our bikes thes great distances, but them we have to portage them on BART to cross the bay. At times it feels like we should call ourselves Guys With Bikes, rather than Guys on Bikes.

Oh, the cd’s arrived, they look amazing. It’s a silkscreened two color cover, that sort of looks like SuperTop #1 (look for SuperTop #2 in fall of 2009!). So the cd looks and sounds great, but the one thing is.. well I wont tell you, I’ll just let people see for themselves. It is really embarrasing though to say the least.

So we are nice and relaxed now, the city is great to bike through, and Mer Mer should be here tonight with all my clothes and yo-yo t-shirts for sale.

See ya’ll when I get back.

-Doc doc

Nerd Wednesday, August 24, 2005 So I hung out wit…

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

So I hung out with MC Frontalot yesterday, what a killer experience. He’s friendly and cool, and nerdy as all get out. We went to what we both consider the two worst comics shops in the US, they are located right next to each other and both owners have deep personal hatred towards each other, it’s really funny.
Then we got the most bitchin’est quesidillas. Going out in the mission is often times a pissing contest… It’s about knowing more of the obscure taquerias than your dinner/lunch date. Front took me to this place I had never been too, that was just one block shout of my house, on Mission (this busy street). I had never seen it before, and it was terrific, duh, how could I miss it. On the way there we passed this place called Quickly that’s part of a korean bubble tea chain. I’ve been wanting good bubble tea since I’ve been here, and it’s right freakin’ next to me.
Then I went to EA Games headqaurters for an interview. There were six of us, and it felt like Willie Wonka. Like each of us had our Golden Tickets, “We’re gonna see where the GAMES are made!”. The campus as I mentioned before, but I never noticed how gridlike and perfect it all is.. Actually as I was watching all the workers and families from above, I sort of felt like I was playing the Sims. “Oh look, there’s a game tester, lets make him work 20 hours extra this week, don’t wanna have any glitches… And there’s a game designer, let’s keep him happy. How about a date with Cynthia in payroll?”

Have you heard Front’s new track yet?

Pedalling from the law Thursday, August 18, 2005 …

Pedalling from the law
Thursday, August 18, 2005

Johnny Law pulled me over today. He let me off with a warning cause I kept my mouth shut, but he said the bikes follow the exact same rules as cars, which is bullshit. At a busy intersection I’m not going to be out in the middle of the road to turn left, I’d bike to the a corner, wait for the light to change then cross the street like pedestrians before I merge with traffic again. Add to that, bicyclists have a series of lanes that appear and dissappear throughout downtown, cars don’t have that. Bikes have similar rules, but were really a cross between pedestrians and cars.
I stop at stop signs, I don’t run through intersections, but the cop got me today for pedalling through a stop light. There was no intersection, or any way for cars to merge into me, there was an ongoing bike path with no gaps or places for cars to be.
So anyway, the cop looked just like the Macho Man from Village People.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005 Neat, after four years …

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Neat, after four years of listening to Frontalot’s music online, and today I discovered I got listed on his front (hehe) page, with a link. I did a beat for Front’s upcoming album, Nerdcore Rising, which I’m guessing will be out in the next few weeks. I’m fuckin’ stoked, as I anticipate this to be a largely listened to album, especially by hot nerd chicks yo, rockin’ iPhones and taped up glasses with their heads bobbing to the sultry bent sounds of Pr0n S0ng over and over again.

I’m already getting extra hits (from his link I’m thinking), and I’m gonna meet Frontalot sometime this week if all goes well, I’m stoked. And on top of all that, I get a copy of the cd before all ya’ll will… and I’m not gonna pay for it… hopefully.

You can hear Frontalot interviewed on npr here.

Yesterday was the California State Contest, the first contest I’ve run since I’ve been out here. It couldn’t of gone better, we’ll we could have sold $25 more in yo-yos or yo-yo accessories, but other than that, it was perfect. I’m very proud of the event Kiya and I put together.

I feel it’s time for a day job again, I’ve gotten calls from EA Games, and the Bay Gaurdian, so I’ll probably be back to work sometime soon.

Oh, check it, I got copies of my 24 hour comic, and it’s even better now than it was then. I mean it’s really spectacular, you should see it. You should also buy Frontalot’s cd in a week.

I spent the day working on a dope logo design for a friend, while listening to alternating tracks by Jesus Jones and Jesus Lizard. JJ, JL, JJ, JL, JJ, JL, JJ, JL, International Bright Young Thing, Mouthbreather, Right Here Right Now, Art of Self Defense… etc. Then I hung out with Hironori Mii and Jun “F Word” Aramaki. We had to stop Jun’s freestyle yesterday because it prominently featured the word “(mother)Fuck”. Poor Jun, I guess he used it at Japan Nationals with no problems.. I picked on him all day about it, and I plan on recording a song for him Tuesday after I my volunteer gig at 826 Valencia. I’ll post it when its up.

So I’d like to close with a weird email I recieved today:

Subject : multiple unit purchase
Dear sir, my darghter has several friends which have no direction and are constantly getting in trouble I have been in touch with the chief of pol,ice, he has no answer, at 53 I remember at my daughters age having a dunkin yoyo which I purchased from wheinstein hardware at 65 and woodland from bill when my strings would`fray mr bill sold me a new and show me how to load it up.. at this time I’m very thin on cash I’m rercovering from having a gliobistomic tumor partly removed and in rariation/kemo treatment at crozer hospital. Bottom line ho many units would I have to purchase to get a instruction video I would be interested in being a local sales distributor I can be reached by cell @ 610-XXX-XXXX I care about my childrens friends as my own. s.c.