Your Magic Missile

Monday, May 16, 2005

Has been deflected.

It’s about time, sort of:
It’s so absurdly funny, because they totally seem to miss the mark. Just stringing together phrases with silly props isn’t nerd porn. But it makes for great free sample vids! I’m curious what the paying site is like.
But seriously, it’s not like if they just picked some random nerd thing, like a yo-yo and learned a phrase related to it, that it suddenly becomes sexy. I mean, if they just picked up an element x and shot some video with it, it’d be just as cheesy as the D20 thing. Sure maybe if it was a Doc Pop Element X, that might help. The color would look good with the models skin. But just seeing her drag the yo-yo on her body wouldn’t be “hot geek porn fantasy”. As she rubs the peice of plastic across her tight skin, letting the metal rings brush across her stomach in a figure eight pattern. Then she’d probably say something cheesy, like “I shimmed it for less response”. I wonder if she soaked the bearing in mineral spirits to clean the lube out.. Yeah you did, didn’t you. Cause your wild like that, life’s to short to worry about the damage your bearing could suffer without oil, becuase you know that for the here and now it’ll play so much better. Ya your a naughty girl. How does that plastic feel, it looks like it must be a little cold as you drag it closer to your bikini top. Maybe I’d still be attached to the string as she stairs into the camera. Spank me mamma, show me your best trick. You rock me baby, and I can see the promise in your eyes, maybe we’ll “sleep” together. I’m your dog, now walk me!
So speaking of nerd, I’m going to see the last ever Dr. Hal show at the Odeon bar this wednesday, then we are off to see Star Wars. This is not a usual thing of mine, paying full price to wait in a packed theater and wathc a Lucas premiere at 1 am. But it’s my buddy’s birthday, so we are making an evening of it.
I have to go ship something to the webmaster at Geek Fantasies.

Worst Sting Ever

Tuesday, June 07, 2005
I was at Ritual Coffee yesterday, drawing comics with Meredith when I noticed something weird out the window. Across the street there was a lady walking a baby buggy, she was a cop in full uniform, about ten feet behind her in the bicycle lane a cop car was riding along, keeping a close on his partner and the buggy. It was an odd site, so I walked out side and watched them roll about two more blocks. The thought ocurred to me, “what if that was like the worst undercover sting operation ever?”. You know, like trying to bust ppurse snatchers or something.

.. Okay, I’m not being a jerk or anything, but I w…

Okay, I’m not being a jerk or anything, but I wanted to post This myspace profile I found today.
At first I just thought it was entertaining that after he posts about not being full of himself, he lists like twenty things he’s good at, but then I read the classic line “im not interested in gay sex between men but i did bump cockheads in a girls mouth a couple times”. So I thought to myself “man that’s so funny, I’m gonna post that up as my headline”, but then I totally realized I didn’t have the balls to do it. Then I started thinking, man who the fuck am I to point out this guys profile and be like “hey look at what this dude typed (seemingly out of nowhere), and then I thought, you, I may think it’s funny but at least this dude’s saying what he wants. It may be funny to me that he would put that things I’m good at shit in there, followed by the ‘yeah I’vce had buckets of threeways’ line, but that cracker’s probably gonna get laid. And let’s face it, we are all trying to get layed on this thing. I mean, if I was so carefree and non image oriented I would have posted that I’m not gay line, but I didn’t. Shit, I’m going to type that headline, then my life will change, I’ll finally be over trying to impress people and trick them into a blindspace date. Naw, I’m a wuss.
That shit is pretty funny though… “i did bump cockheads in a girls mouth a couple times ; it could have been her tongue…”
OR it could have been that other guys cock that was also in her mouth dude.

How to tie a tie Wednesday, March 09, 2005 I almo…

How to tie a tie
Wednesday, March 09, 2005

I almost made it to my 28th birthday without ever learning how to tie a a neck tie. I was so close!