Okay, not so much "new" as they are "new to you". …

Okay, not so much “new” as they are “new to you”.

Morning Becomes Hectic This morning I saw a busin…

Morning Becomes Hectic

This morning I saw a business man in a black suite and white tie fall asleep while standing. It was on the bus and he appeared to be lifting the cup to his lips when he just stopped and closed his eyes. He fell over when the bus started moving and woke up. It’s pretty cool he didn’t spill a drip of coffee on himself or anyone else or end up hurt. A copy of Airplane the Movie fell out of his briefcase which struck me as something he wouldn’t be carrying around on his way to work.

When I stepped off the bus there was a man singing and dancing broadway songs, he was only wearing adult diapers and a business tie. I don’t think he was busking, there wasn’t a hat out or anything.
Then I saw a four car pile up next to the train station. All of this within the same 5 minute period.
So I’ve been trying to unpack stuff as I get the chance, I keep finding really cool shit that I’ve been missing for a long time. Yesterday I posted some of the smaller paintings that I’ve found from my pile of Minneapolis stuff. This morning I found these 10 bootleg cds. Beck with Flaming Lips, Gastr Del Sol live, Hum rarities, etc…
I found the art for SuperTop #2, so I’ll start working on getting that finished soon.

I love the fact that The Return of Dr. Octagon subscribed to my blog, but hasn’t added me as a friend yet. That’s so backwards.

I’m performing at Paul’s Absynthe party tonight, whee.

Check out this video of Beck playing "Clap Hands" …

Check out this video of Beck playing “Clap Hands” on the Sarah Kuttner Show in Paris. It’s a great video, and cool sound, but one of the best parts about it is that Matt Mahaffey was on this tour as a drummer in Beck’s band, so he’s in this video. He’s the guy hitting things on table to create a musical beat. This and other videos are availlable on Stewoo.net.

Matt Mahafey is the center of Self, one of my fave rock groups from Murfreesboro. Huge inspiration to me personally. Someday their new album will get released.

No Blogging in Line

The sign in the register line at Ritual Roasters is quintessentially San Franciscan.

Now that I have used this picture in a blog, that would mean that I am ostensibly breaking the rule, right? Despite what my intentions may have been at the time this picture was taken.

After I assured him I would not post this pic in a blog, the barista showed me a cool ass blog gang sign (based on the “blood” gang sign):

Which reminds me of the Wiki hand sign (I love that it takes two people to make it, and it also reflects some of the anger or imaturity you may see on a wiki from time to time):