More Heavy Shit Wednesday, August 10, 2005 I was …

More Heavy Shit
Wednesday, August 10, 2005

I was on my home from Ritual Coffee Roasters last night at around 10pm. I had just finished some logo design and illustration with Meredith and Jeffrey, and was just going home to get my bicycle and go for a ride.

As I was walking down 22nd, there was this drunk asshole just yelling and freaking out. I was getting tensed up, and since these cats can be trouble I was getting ready to cross the street. He was 30 feet away and clearly fucked up on some weird shit. He started yelling at cars and shit, and was standing in the bike lane screaming, then he just stepped out into the road with his arms up in the air and legs spread (like a jumping jack). He was playing chicken with a motorcycle, they tried to avoid him but when they swerved he jumped into their path.
They hit him sqaure on, and just like that the people on their bike had were flying in the air because some shithead did something beyond their control. I couldn’t see what happened to the man after he was hit, but the motorcycle wiped out and was skiding straight at me with the two passengers still sort of on it. I ducked behind a car right bewfore the motorcycle crashed into it. It stopped literaly four feet away from me, I called 911 and one of the passengers started moving around, she took off her helmet and after she could start to think clearly she started yelling to the other motorcyle rider, he wasn’t moving and with the helmet on I couldn’t really tell if he was breathing or what, he laid totally still for at least a minute or two before he showed any sign of life. Cops were on the seen in minutes and the paramedics where there in about 6 minutes. The man who played chicken with the motorcycle was sprawled on the ground in this raggedy position. I saw his chest rising when the cops where there, but I’m certain he couldn’t move at all, and I’m not sure what his state was when he got to the hospital. I think the motorcyclists will be okay in the long run.

My friends know that I’ve seen some real crazy shit lately (all starting about 5 months ago), this is just more stuff to haunt my mind for a while. It was in a good neighborhood, it wasn’t of course gang related or criminal, it was two people who’s life was changed by something beyond their control. Everytime I get on my bike I think about it, everything could be going well, I’m following the law then some sudden uncontrolable life change. Someone shoots a gun, or a car turns into me…

I know this stuff is rare, but I just keep witnessing this shit so close. This accident was in what I sort of describe as my “safe zone”. The area I come too when tension seems to high in my neighborhood, the area I feel safe walking down at 3 am, the path I ride my bicycle down just to be safe.

It’s a Bird it’s a Plane Monday, August 08, 2005 …

It’s a Bird it’s a Plane
Monday, August 08, 2005

Did you know that Hooters has its own airline? Hooters Air, no joke! I saw a plane while I was leavig Atlanta, it was crazy, I thought it was a weird dream, or maybe it was a corporate jet. But a little research showed both theories incorrect.

“The same great flight crews plus two Hooters Girls on every flight!”
Not a fan of Hooters, but a creepy fascination has overcome me and I have to experience this firsthand. So my next travel gig will be required to send me Hooters Air if possible. The jets look nice, speaking of which I’m a new fan of Delta. And I love their Boeing 777. Very comfy, and lots of perks

So I’ve got new shoes.. Blackspot V.2. That’s a weird transition; airlines to anti-corporate shoes. I’ve avoided Nike and many of the large shoe comps because of their bad labor policies, but honestly those big companies have been easy to avoid, they have those ugly ass logos on them and they aren’t super cheap. So that means I buy great looking shoes here in the mission. Of course the price is good, and the shoes are unique, but I just doubt that they have great labor practices either. So I’m glad to support a shoe from manufacturers I can trust, and it’s got all this good stuff about it too, like the recycled tire soles, and hemp fabric. Not to mention Blackspots have a good lifespan. Also got a share in the company and I’ve taken part in a few of the votes.

I’ve been ripping off the logos from my clothes, I think I’m gonna put them all on one tshirt, that’d be neat. Seam ripping is annoying and hard work. I’ve been working on this track jacket, I embroidered this cool image onto the back, and ripped off the Addidas embroidery on the front (that took longer than the sewing did).

Got a lot of cool shirts, hats, and patches at the world yo-yo contest. Matter of fact, I didn’t buy a single yo-yo. It was more like going to a DIY event, than a yo-yo contest. Whip and Titi (my brazilian art heroes) had these killer hoodies and shirts, no two were alike. Whip also had this little handmade doll of one of his characters. I only had a few shirts that I brought to trade.


I hope I can get some pictures of all this new stuff. Right now I’m working on a tribute video for a friend o’ mine in the midwest. Already got the song recorded, and should have a video and some art within a day or two.

Oh yeah, I went to a DIY thing this weekend here in SF. It was okay, too many purses (c’mon, those are easy to make, do something different if your gonna sell it). My loser ass got it in my head that I was gonna meet the girl of my dreams at this thing, so I embroidered some business cards the night before. They look slick, and I’m sure had my dream girl bothered to show up to the event, and if I had had the courage to approach here with said art card, she would have been impressed (if not a little creeped out).

The day before I celebrated Merideth’s birthday with some fancy din-din. Her pa had a tab for us at some fancy ass restaurant in the inner richmond. $100 bucks each. Of course I had escargot, martinis, whiskey, and some damn fine sherry, I also had the most expensive entry on the menu (the daily special, Halibut, it was .50 more expensive than the ribeye). It was the best time I’ve ever spent with Merideth, and all our friends, and it made me think about how we randomly bumped into each other 6 years ago and now are such good friends with so many (alright one) common interests.


Sqaure Thursday, August 04, 2005 I’ve been really…

Thursday, August 04, 2005

I’ve been really into chess lately. A few months ago I taught Natalie the basics and we started playing games again. That was the beginning of my returning interest in the game.
When I was younger I used to play chess on monday nights with a group of guys at a chinese restuarant in Lewisburg. Like most of my hobbies I got to a certain level of skill and never really could excell at it past that. I just never could get to the next level, I was definetly the bottom rung player. After a year I stopped going.

I played chess casually throughout the years if there was a board around, but it wasn’t until recently that I started fending for games.

Playing Natalie was fun, so I started playing other folks at Philz Coffee Shop. I was doing pretty well, matter of fact I don’t think I lost a game there yet (but I probably will soon).

Last week Nat and I went downtown and played some of the cats on Market St. You know, the guys that hang out all day and play. It was pretty intimidating, but I won my match.

Then while in Florida I played John Narum’s dad a long game. He studies chess moves, and considers himself an avid chess book collector. It was a great game, very intense. I have always been a defensive player, and could see that he was too. While playing Natalie I was trying to get into the habbit of playing more aggresively, this made the game more interesting and sort of evened out the game since playing defensively is considered easier. I could tell Mr. Narum was a very defensive player so I stepped up and played agressor. It was crazy fun, I made some bold moves and ended winning the game. It was sort of an eye opener, I could be aggressive when I needed to, but I wasn’t crazy and didn’t make any mistakes. Sort of a perfect game.

Today I went back to market and played Ky. As I stepped up to the table he explained he played for money. He suggested $2. I only had one dollar, he accepted. He was a fast and agro player, I had a strong center (I rock the Karo Kahn strategy). The game was about 20 minutes long, and in the end to both of our surprise I won. I actually expected to los a dollar, and for a good game I considered it worth it. He asked for another game, I accepted and told him I had two dollars now, but he jus wanted to stick to a dollar again. We both played an out there game, I had previously explained my style to him and he started early preventing me from being able to do it. Lots of twists and turns ensued, and again I won. We both were pretty surprised. I don’t know what’s clicked, but I’m playing far more consistent games now. Less stupid errors, and some signs of strategy. It’s very exciting I hope to keep playing often. The guy today treated me like I was a hussler, it was great. I hope everyone gets a chance to learn the game, it’s just one of those skills I’ve always been glad to have. Nothing beats a good game of chess, no matter if you win or lose and no matter the two players skill.

I should mention the rest of my day was spent taking my buddy Jun shopping. Jun is a very well known Japanese yo-yoer (3A) and he came to SF just to shop. So I took him to Niketown, and Levistown, and whatever other brand name stores I could. Meanwhile I’m rocking my new Blackspot Sneakers (anti corporate/anti logo) while using a seam ripper to remove the Addidas logo from my sports jacket. It was sort of hell for me, but awesome to hang out with my friend Jun. He gave me some very nice compliments, and mentioned that I might be his most influential player. His single a stuff rocks, I hope we get breakfas in the morn. I wonder if he plays chess.

what’s on your mind [pure energy] T…

what’s on your mind [pure energy]
Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I’ve been pretty frustrated lately, and a lot of people I know don’t know why, so I’m posting an email to a friend that sort of describes what’s on my mind.:

It was hard seeing me ex, we got together on saturday morning and had and exceptionally good time, I told her I would really like to see her again before I left and she said we “might” be able to get together that night or something. So I called.. and called. Then I called the next day, maybe four times. I’m not trying to be a creepy over caller, but I just wanted to find out if we had plans or if I should hang with my friends, and also let her know what number to reach me at (cause my cell didn’t work). Now it is possible she had her phone off, or was busy, BUT she knew I was in town for a very limited time and I guess I was just extremely hurt by the fact that I thought she was anxious to see me again.

I was even possibly looking into moving back and shit. Shit.

In the past I would just bottle the hurt/anger up, which I did on the plane ride, but then I sent her an email about how I felt and asking if she had a good reason to not call. The email was actually a reply to an email she sent me that said it was nice seeing each other and she was sorry she didn’t call. So… I guess she already apologized before I sent her the email, but that didn’t stop the hurt I felt. I mean, and I know this is stupid, but I listened to every intercom message at the airport in case she tried calling me there. I’m in a bad bad way.