Check out this video of Beck playing "Clap Hands" …

Check out this video of Beck playing “Clap Hands” on the Sarah Kuttner Show in Paris. It’s a great video, and cool sound, but one of the best parts about it is that Matt Mahaffey was on this tour as a drummer in Beck’s band, so he’s in this video. He’s the guy hitting things on table to create a musical beat. This and other videos are availlable on

Matt Mahafey is the center of Self, one of my fave rock groups from Murfreesboro. Huge inspiration to me personally. Someday their new album will get released.

No Blogging in Line

The sign in the register line at Ritual Roasters is quintessentially San Franciscan.

Now that I have used this picture in a blog, that would mean that I am ostensibly breaking the rule, right? Despite what my intentions may have been at the time this picture was taken.

After I assured him I would not post this pic in a blog, the barista showed me a cool ass blog gang sign (based on the “blood” gang sign):

Which reminds me of the Wiki hand sign (I love that it takes two people to make it, and it also reflects some of the anger or imaturity you may see on a wiki from time to time):

San Francisco’s myspace is getting some cool stori…

San Francisco’s myspace is getting some cool stories in the comments page, I think that’s neat.
Last night was the Best Of San Francisco party, and of course the issue came out on Wednesday.
I was certain I was going to get a call Thursday morning saying I was fired, but that didn’t happen. The day after Best of is typically a big “restructuring” day, lots of folks get fired, but not this year. At least not yet. Now work will be back at a normal pace and I wont have to spend as much time explaining why I’m not going to come in over the weekend or why I’m not willing to stay extra late.
I don’t really care about who won what award, anything that could give a Best Burrito award to either Taqueria Cancun or El Farolito Taqueria is fucked up. So the awards carry very little merit in my mind. note: Papalote is NOT an upscale taqueria, it’s just as fast as Farolito, and only like $.75 more expensive. That drives me nuts that they don’t win this award every year, now that they are opening up a second location maybe they’ll start to get credit for having what is easily the best burrito in the city.
One of my clients, the Church of Scientology, got an award for “Best Cult“. Yep.. That’s my client, I think I’ll give ’em a call right now, “Hey guys, I saw your award… Congratulations! Any press is good press, right! So now you want to keep up the momentum, let’s run a two page ad thanking the city for this award and listing upcoming BART and street corner appearances!”
Shit, we’ll there’s a thousand bucks in revenue gone each week.
Someone in editorial actually said I received two votes for Best Cartoonist. Neat. I didn’t win, some guy named Don Asmussen did, I guess it takes three votes to win or something.
Best Thai went to Osha, I bet Ta Wei’s restaurant in Benders could have had a chance if any of us new what it was called. “Thai Research Wagon” or “Enter the Wagon, Thai Research Kitchen” or “that place in Bender’s bar”.

Whatever, special issue over, only 51 more weeks till the next issue, better reserve your space now!

Tonight I’m going to see Art School Confidential with Sha-nanin at 7pm. I guess I’m going to dry a diet for the next month, apparently I can’t go wrong with chinese noodles, so… yeah. Oh speaking of Art School, Art School Sluts pretty much sucked, but Neu Wave Hookers is very very good. Three thumbs up if you know what I’m saying, and I’m sure that you do.

I just wanted to post this song I did today. It’s …

I just wanted to post this song I did today. It’s wack. Very very wack, but what else would you expect from a hip hop song with mouth harp?

Doc’s verse

This song is part of a nerdcore all star team type thingy for the upcoming Nerdcore Hip Hop compilation coming out next month. I’m still working on my “new instrumental” thing. I had fun with the verse beat ’cause I pretty much never sample anyone, but I heard a lot of stolen samples in other folks songs so I thought I’d full this one with ’em. Can anyone recognize who the opening sample is?

Well, I was just gonna post that one song, but once my fingers start moving it’s impossible to stop. I am very excited about this upcoming compilation, I’ll have one all original new instrumental, plus my Scream Club remix, plus a verse in the posse (unless they don’t like that verse I posted), plus I made the beat to Beefy’s newest song “Tub of Tabasco“. I got to sneak another dope sample after the second verse, once again I challenge anyone to recognize who’s voice that is.

Alright, word to ya’ll. Nerdcore Represent.


ps, be sure to see Frontalot on tour if he’s in your hood.