Guitar Riffs On Quarantined Beats (and Inside Voices)

Still digging how well my newest album turned out. Though most of the songs are all electronic, I was surprised to find myself coming back to the guitar. Here are some of my favorite guitar tracks from Quarantined Beats (and Inside Voices).

and a bit on these choruses

My New Guitar: J Mascis Jazzmaster

I’m so excited about my new electric guitar.

I’ve been writing a ton of guitar riffs lately, like these few I did on my most recent album:

Quarantined Beats (and Inside Voices) is out now!

My new album, Quarantined Beats (and Inside Voices) is now available as free download on Bandcamp. This album was written and recorded in May 2020, one of the most unusual and historic months of my lifetime. It’s 20 tracks featuring great musicians and might be the best album I’ve worked on yet.

Along with the album are a slew of music videos you might enjoy:

The Legion of Zoom

I’m not sure of the exact date yet, but sometime this week I’ll be releasing a new album. It’s kind of a big deal.

The album, Quarantined Beats and Inside Voices, was written and recorded in one month. We are mixing and mastering the album right now and hope to have the album released on Tuesday… or maybe Wednesday? Keep your eyes on for it. Anyways, here’s an early release. Enjoy!