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Doc Pop wearing blue scrubs and a stethoscope around his neck. He appears to be in a doctors outfit and he looks like a doctor. 

This image is AI generated, but extremely photorealistic. Close inspection will notice odd details, like the way the blue scrubs blend in with the shirt collar, or the weird shape of the stethoscope.

“I’m neither a doctor nor popular.”

Doctor M. Popular, blogger

  • Weird Jazz

    Weird Jazz

    I don’t listen much jazz, but I love odd musical pairings, like heavy metal played on bluegrass instruments or acoustic punk rock. After coming across an old jazz record that featured a harpist, I started wondering, “What other jazz records feature unusual instruments?”. So I did some research, and here’s what I found. (I also […]

  • #SidewalkFriends: Stoner frog

    #SidewalkFriends: Stoner frog

    I like to keep my eye out for cool shapes during my walks and use them as inspiration for my #SidewalkFriends drawings. It’s like my version of hunting for Pokémon. Some dried motor-oil near the curb was used as inspiration for this Stoner Frog drawing.

  • Heavy rains in SF lead to flooding at Silver Sprocket

    Heavy rains in SF lead to flooding at Silver Sprocket

    Yesterday was not only New Year’s Eve, it was also the second wettest day in San Francisco’s history. Due to the heavy rain, there was a lot of flooding, including at Silver Sprocket Comics, where the basement got soaked with water, which stinks because that’s where they keep their inventory. They put out an open […]

  • 2022: ArtVsArtist

    2022: ArtVsArtist

    One of my favorite projects of 2022 was working on my #SidewalkFriends series. Most of those went up on Twitter, but I’m not using Twitter anymore, so I’m slowly uploading them to Mastodon, IG, and here. I saw the #ArtVsArtist2022 tag going around on social media, so I decided to round up some of my […]