Testing the sketch block in WordPress

Since this blog is powered by WordPress, I thought it would be cool to test out Automattic’s new Sketch Block. This is a Gutenberg block you can install that allows you to create a drawing using your mouse or stylus. Here is the result:

If you are viewing the post on DocPop.org, you probably see some pink and blue lines, that is because the Sketch Block doesn’t fill in the background. A lesson I learned the hard way. (update: if you are viewing this post via RSS, the sketched image won’t show up at all). I’ve also captured a screenshot and used that as the featured image at the top of the post.

I tested out the Sketch App on my laptop, but it really works best when used with a stylus. For this experiment I used an iPad with an Apple Pencil. My biggest thoughts are:

  • An undo button would be nice
  • There should be a way to add background color (transparency is nice, but shouldn’t be the default)
  • The block should show a border so you know where you can draw (I constantly broke the entire image by dragging my stylus too far down)
  • Sketches don’t show up for RSS viewers
  • It’s a really cool idea though, very unique
  • I’m sure this is still a work in progress, so I look forward to seeing more updates

For more information, check out this clip from last week’s Torque Social Hour, where I tested the Sketch Block out and shared my feedback. Segment starts at 33:20.

Bacon and Egg Musubi

During the pandemic there was a crazy demand for SPAM. I could still find plain SPAM and some generic versions, but I had to wait a full year before Safeway finally had some Bacon SPAM in stock again.

Now that I have it, you know I had to try making some bacon and eggs musubi.

Thinking out loud about my next game project

I recorded a short video for my KnifeTank: The Shüffling backers on Youtube, but thought I’d share it here as well. Basically I have a ton of board games I’ve designed, but I’m not sure which one to release next.

The Sergeant Major Bikini Incident

I was just thinking back to our trip to Bermuda a few years ago. Christine had just bought a great new yellow bikini with black polka dots and we were having a great time snorkeling. About 10 minutes in, we noticed a very friendly Sergeant Major fish had decided to swim with us. You can see it in the picture below.

We loved having this curious little fish join us on our exploration,but soon I noticed a sharp pain happening along my legs and torso. I looked down and noticed it was the Sergeant Major, taking little bites at me. I soon realized that he was probably attracted to Christine’s bikini, which was almost exactly the same colors as he was. He probably thought he found a mate!