Don’t just do something.. Wednesday…

Don’t just do something..

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Yesterday I was at a stop light waiting for it to change when an older asian gentleman started crossing the street, his eyes fixed on the blinking crosswalk sign. He made it about a qaurter of the way across the street before it turned into a don’t walk symbol. Following the directions, he stopped.. right in the middle of the lane. As our light turned green, he stood there waiting for the crosswalk signal to tell him what to do.

It’s probably the sort of thing that everybody thinks would be funny to see actually happen, but has never witnessed themselves.

I was curious if the guy would stay there the whole time, just waiting for the light to tell him to start walking again, but the truck next to me was apparently not so curious. They honked, and the man awoke as if from a trance, turned around and walked back towards the sidewalk. I wonder if the sign starting blinking “Do the hokey pokey” what the dude would have done.

Eating Insects

eating insects

Friday, November 05, 2004

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Jen picked me up from the train station around three. When asked I wanted to do for dinner I told her about this fancy pants “Pan-Asian cuisine” joint that serves insects. She made an expected “ick” face, but I kept bugging her about it through the evening. I’ve wanted to go to this restaurant for a few years now, I couldn’t come to LA and not eat me some crickets.

With a little time, and many shots of whiskey, Jen was starting to get into the idea of eating bugs, even mentioning that as a child she once ate a live grasshopper. Jen started making calls to friends, pressuring them to eat bug with us.

Finally she reached her friend Andrea. I’m sure Andrea will do it, she works for Fear Factor. Andrea was down with the idea so we met up and drove to the Santa Monica Airport were Typhoon is located (

We made it to Typhoon around Nine p.m. and I felt a little underdressed Actually, what should you wear while eating bugs? There was a special section on the menu simply labeled Insect. Under this section were Cricket, Chambai Ants, and White Sea Worms served on spinach leaf.

We started with and order of Devil’s Sake and the Fried Cricket. The sake cups were very large cube shapes, into which the waiter over poured our drinks. It takes a lot of ingenuity to drink from a square shaped cup. Do you drink from the corner? A straw would have been nice.

As we were fumbling with our drinks, the waiter brought our steaming cricket. It was on a large plate with fried noodle and a pineapple garnish. We all dove in. There was a delightfully potent garlic flavor that would make anything taste great. The texture of the crickets was the same as the fried noodle, so it didn’t feel very gross to eat. If you picked out a cricket by itself and ate it you could make out more of a specific texture. We were all surprised because we sort of were expecting something squishy and gross. So we ordered the sea worms.

If you’ve ever been to P.F. Changs, you’ve probably tried the chicken lettuce wrap. Imagine one of those, but instead of lettuce it’s served on not very fresh spinach, and instead of chicken there are hundreds of tiny and extremely fishy tasting worms. The worms were deep-fried. It was sort of like taking the leftover crumbs from a bag of Ripples Potato Chips, and pouring it on top of a piece of wax paper. Add to that an unavoidable musky ocean taste and you’ve got a real unique experience,

By this time I was getting the hang of my square sake cup. I’m still not sure what was more disturbing; eating insects or drinking from those square goblets.

For dessert I ordered ginger krembrule. Which turned out to be an extraordinary tasting krembrule ruined by pompous amounts of ginger root and ginger sauce. This was definitely the grossest thing on the menu, but to be fair we never tried the ant. Im saving that for my next trip to LA.

bug pic 1

bug pic 2

Ramen for a week Friday, December …

Ramen for a week
Friday, December 10, 2004

The good news is that despite the credit card fraud, my rent check went through okay. It was a very large check, and I was nervous that due to the funds that are all tied up in fraud case would bounce the check.
All told so far, I have around $450 “frozen” right now. So the cash on me is the all the cash I have until the fraud case is settled, or my next pay check. The fraud case could take up to 90 days. Hopefully it will be as early as 2 weeks though.

ramen recipes

I’ll have to be a little creative with funds this week.
But the thing is, the landlord thing is great news. It would be better if this erronous charge never happened, but the check clearing is a great burden off my back.
I have some pretty important meetings this weekend. I can’t really talk about much of them, but my goal of coming out here, and actually being productive is happening. I’m a happy motherfucker right now, I can’t believe how well somethings just seem to fall in place out here (regarding business interests). I just need to keep at it, stay busy.

Holy Shit, Bowling w/ XLR8R Magazin…

Holy Shit, Bowling w/ XLR8R Magazine

Monday, December 13, 2004

XLR8R Magazine ( had a really kicking party last night and somehow my sqaure-ass made it on the list. So it was called the 6th Annual XLR8R Booty Bass Bowling. Fucking Lyrics Born was MCing along with DJ Shortkut (invsble skratch pklz) on the ones and twos. Oh shit. We were bowling against cats like Gold Chains and Gift of Gab and stuff. It was crazy, I was talking with this one dude with crazy facial hair last night.. When I met him, he had a skateboard and I’m thinking “who is this old cat that’s trying to skate?” right? So he was a nice dude and all, but this morning I’m at work and I see this same guy on a co-workers desktop, so I’m like “who is that?”. It was Tommy Guerrero, the 80’s skate legend. Bones Brigade!
So, yeah, it was a crazy scene. Around 2am everybody was just dancin’, the sound system was hot. It was all west coast booty bass, with L. B.’s smooth voice spewing things like “whoever owns a blue BMW, license plate 854 CAV, your lights are one” and “I don’t see enough asses shaking out on the bowling lanes”.
There was also a karoake bar. Oh man, some of the regulars were there, but then I saw a bunch of faces a recognised (the scene was mostly musicians and rappers). Gold Chains did something (Queen maybe?). Just weird.
We bowled last (we think), but might have gotten the award for most beer drank (drunk?). Shit that was crazy, but that’s the way we roll. Get it? Roll.
It’s my scene baby, and it freaks me out, yeah!