Online Moving Dots

Create stunning gifs with Dominik Seibold’s online moving dots animation-generator. Here are some of mine:

The ASCII Horse In Motion

For practice, I decided to try my hand at creating an animated text-art version of Muybridge’s running horse photos. This is the end result.

The ASCII art was hand placed in Monodraw, a great Mac app for creating text art. The first thing I often do when creating ASCII art is to pick a specific part of the image that is important to me, then use that component to determine the scale of the finished piece. In this case, I wanted the rider’s head to be a “O” shape. Once I had that figured out, I knew how large everything else would be in relation. I eyeballed the first photo for reference to create my initial frame, then just copied that text and made changes to it for each following frame.

Here is the original work:

My review of the new yo-yo emojis

I know you’ve all been waiting to hear this:

A yo-yo story in two parts

True story, my yo-yo came apart and the bearing fell out while I was walking down Congress St in Austin. It was a prototype yo-yo that I really wanted to break in, so I decided it should be the only yo-yo I take on the trip. I searched for the bearing for 15 minutes and gave up.

The next morning I found a yo-yo bearing on the ground at WP Engine’s office. It was a different bearing than the one I lost, but it was the right size, so it fit perfectly. It definitely wasn’t the same bearing, but it is possible I had an extra bearing somewhere in my bag and it fell out. I checked for any extras the day before and couldn’t find any, but what are the odds that there would happen to be a concave size A bearing laying on the ground because someone else dropped it? We’ll never know for sure, but at least I got to keep throwing for the rest of the trip.

In fact, I even shot a clip video to celebrate, but for now it’s only available for my Patreon sponsors to see

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