Thinking out loud about my next game project

I recorded a short video for my KnifeTank: The Shüffling backers on Youtube, but thought I’d share it here as well. Basically I have a ton of board games I’ve designed, but I’m not sure which one to release next.

The Sergeant Major Bikini Incident

I was just thinking back to our trip to Bermuda a few years ago. Christine had just bought a great new yellow bikini with black polka dots and we were having a great time snorkeling. About 10 minutes in, we noticed a very friendly Sergeant Major fish had decided to swim with us. You can see it in the picture below.

We loved having this curious little fish join us on our exploration,but soon I noticed a sharp pain happening along my legs and torso. I looked down and noticed it was the Sergeant Major, taking little bites at me. I soon realized that he was probably attracted to Christine’s bikini, which was almost exactly the same colors as he was. He probably thought he found a mate!

James Bond playing 1D Chess

Some recent love for 1D Chess

My 1D Chess game received a ton of shares and downloads last week. It was great seeing so many new people discover this bizarre chess variant. Somehow the game was featured on, which is a wildly popular blog and a perfect match for my audience.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you can download and print your own 1D Chess game using the rules here

I also checked on the 1D Chess board on BoardGameGeek and saw someone had designed their own box for the game. Neat!

In other game news, I’ve started working on The Lonely Dungeon some lately. A friend is playtesting a version now and I’m excited to hear his feedback.

A day trip to the beach

Went to Half Moon Bay to visit family today and had a great time. Of course I brought a yo-yo.

The yo-yo I’m using in that video is a Day Tripper, which will be available on this Tuesday, June 15th, at 9am PDT. It’s an incredible slimline responsive yo-yo.
Day Tripper