Brian “Doc Pop” Roberts
San Francisco, CA 94110

A passionate creator with a knack for crafty DIY experimentation. I’ve used that passion to organize real world meed-ups, video tutorials, and more for my clients.

    Work Experience

Doctor Popular, San Francisco, CA,
Owner (Feb 2000-present)
• Organized hundreds of real world meet ups for mobile and film photographers. I organized the first “#instawalk”, an Instagram themed photowalk, in 2010. Since then, Instawalks have appeared all over the world.
• My photography and art have been featured in The New York Times, Wired Magazine, PetaPixel, NBC’s Master of Champions, BoingBoing, Fox, Nickelodeon, and other national TV programs
• Consulted start-ups such as Lightt and Decim8 on UX improvement, community evangelism, and community outreach
• Kickstarter’d my American Analog Zine, an ongoing collection of my black and white photography.

Sincerely, Inc, San Francisco, CA,
Community Manager (Oct 2010-Jan 2013)
• Produced a series of videos called “Doctor Popular’s Guide to Mobile Photography
• Managed the Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and blogs for all of Sincerely’s products (@Postagram, @Sincerely, @Popbooth, etc)
• Worked brands such as Microsoft, Uber, The PGA, and NASCAR on various real world events and online promotions
• Ran several contests on Instagram and Facebook each month for our users
• Identified and converted super-users into brand ambassadors
• Organized several #instawalks and real world events across the US
• Created Instawalk kits to send out to super users to help them run their own photowalks

Tribal Games, San Mateo, CA
Lead Game Designer (Feb 2008- Oct 2010)
• Worked as the lead Game Designer on three iOS games (Mighty Boosh, D’Fly, Squirrel Wars)
• Created storyboards, video mockups, screen mockups, and game “bibles” to effectively communicate the feel and details of each game to keep all team members on the same page.
• Created visual assets, music, and sfx used in each game.
• Helped coordinate promotion for each title through social media, blogging, and press.
• Worked with brands, such as the BBC’s Mighty Boosh, on creating fantastic branded content through some of our games and marketing.

Air Traffic Kites And Games, Minneapolis, MN
Store Manager (Feb 1998-March 2001)
• Responsible for keeping up our stock as well as hiring and management of our game store in the Mall Of America
• Running special events such as game nights and yo-yo contests
• Training of all new employees in how to sell while having fun

    Major Accomplishments and Awards

New York Times article on Instawalks
“With help from the Instagram app, Doctor Popular’s remarkable photographs have quickly established him as an innovator who uses the iPhone as a powerful tool for creative expression, rather than as a pocket-size plaything.”

SF Weekly Best Instagram Award
“When Doc Pop posts an Instagram, I always click through.”

Daily App Experiments
As part of the early exploration of mobile photography, Doc embarked on a year long photo experiment posting new pics each day with a new combination of apps. Doc used thousands of photography apps during this time and developed an early following on Instagram

San Francisco Cartoonist Conspiracy
Founded the San Francisco Cartoonist Conspiracy; published 7 collective books; volunteered talents for community non-profit groups such as 826 Valencia (McSweeney’s creative writing non-profit group)



• David Hua (with Sincerely)
• Steven Clarke (with Tribal Brands)
• Steve Hales (with Tribal Games)



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