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  • “Andorsand Interrobang”

    It’s been a year or two since I thought about the Andorsand, a silly glyph I concocted for “and/or”, but today I found a song called “Andorsand Interrobang” by Bob Bralove, Henry Kaiser and Chris Muir. It’s a spacey synthy driven instrumental that really slaps: The andorsand has also made appearances in this 99% Invisible…

  • Introducing the Andorsand; the interobang for and/or statements

    Introducing the Andorsand; the interobang for and/or statements

    Update: Andorsand enamel pins now available from! Sometimes I’ll go to great lengths to avoid doing my actual tasks. A couple days ago, while I was supposed to be working on maps and music projects for our SquirrelWarz game, I became obsessed with this idea that the world needs a symbol for “and/or” statements.…

  • October Goals

    October Goals

    Autumn is here and it feels like the year is almost over. I have a lot of exciting projects in the works and I thought I’d try documenting them here. This isn’t intended to be a full list for the rest of the year, just my list of goals for the month of October. Music:…

  • nutshell text

    Mr Rabbit But every example is something I want to do both of. Why ‘or’??? Seriously, though, what I see when I read it is an emphasis on that word, “and”, rather that being indicative of a different symbol. “We should go get cookies AND booze”. Aww yeah. –Mr_Rabbit on Reddit 10/20/2014