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Tag: 24 hour comic book day

  • The Order Of The Snail release party in SF

    My new comic book, The Order Of The Snail is finally here! We are celebrating with a small release party tonight at Mission Comics and Art in San Francisco from 7-8:30pm. Full details here. The book was written and drawn by me, as part of this year’s 24 hour comic book day, and beautifully colored […]

  • The Developer, my 24 hour comic book for 2013

    My newest 24 hour comic book is online now, read it here. I’m usually surprised at all the little things that subconsciously work their way into my 24hr comics, but this year was a little different… The comic isn’t really about anything, but it’s heavily inspired by a) breaking a beautiful uranium glass the night […]

  • 24hr comics and meta-goals

    I can’t wait to start working on my 24hr comic this weekend. The goal of 24HCBD is to create a 24 page comic entirely (from idea to paper) in 24 consecutive hours. Although we aren’t supposed to think about what we are going to draw, it’s totally acceptable to think about formats and tools to […]

  • Sign up for 24 Hour Comic Book Day in SF

    This year’s 24 Hour Comic Book Day is approaching and we are now registering artists who would be like to be involved in the event. During 24HCBD artists from all over the world attempt to create their own 24 page comics in a 24 hour period. The Cartoonist Conspiracy has been involved with the event […]