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  • 24 Hour Comic Bingo Cards

    24 Hour Comic Bingo Cards

    It’s time once again for our annual 24 Hour Comic Book Day challenge. We’ll be doing our challenge at Mission Comics & Art from 11am tomorrow to 11am the following day. I created some 24hcd bingo cards last year, that I wanted to share for anyone to use. You can download them here (or here)…

  • Mini-Comics Mixtape, my newest collection of comics

    Mini-Comics Mixtape, my newest collection of comics

    The Mini-Comics Mixtape is a my new collection of teeny-tiny little comics. These comics were all written AND drawn entirely during last year’s 24 Hour Comic Day challenge, and I think they turned out pretty rad. The comics were then printed in two-colors by Perfectly Acceptable Press in Chicago on a Risograph printer, then cut…

  • Iron Blogging

    Iron Blogging

    The 20 greatest yo-yo videos of all time A collection of gifs from the NES videogame version of Akira A guide to competitive losing Strange noises in an abandoned military bunker My weird way of getting around copyright notices Those are just a few of my favorite posts from 2017, and they probably wouldn’t have…

  • 24 Pages comic book documentary

    24 Pages from Gary Buechler on Vimeo. 24 Pages is a short documentary about the recent 24 Hour Comic Book Day in San Francisco. It’s hopefully the first of many films by Gary Beuchler, former owner of The Comic Outpost.