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  • American Analog: California State Yo-Yo Contest

    American Analog: California State Yo-Yo Contest

    I went out to the California State Yo-Yo Contest in Oakland, CA last month. I don’t enter contests anymore, I just like to show up and hang out. I met some new folks and traded tricks with old friends. These were all shot on my Lomography LC-A+, my go to camera, with some of this […]

  • American Analog: Scenes From a Zine

    Last year I took a trip to NYC with the sole purpose of taking enough photos to fill the 2nd issue of my American Analog zine. So far, the only pics I’ve shared have been of The Pigeon Guy, who also graces the cover of this issue, but now that the zine is out I […]

  • American Analog #2 is now available!

    I launched my first Kickstarter project about a year ago and it’s given me an excuse to really focus on my black and white street work since then. Today I’m proud to announce that the second issue of my American Analog zine is available online! To create this issue I set a goal of traveling […]

  • Buy American Analog photo zine on the site

    I’m working on updating my online shop, but for now I’ve decided to just create a single page for ordering copies of my American Analog zine online. It’s only a flat $10 shipped within the US. Easy! I’ve also created a new video about the zine too. Thanks to my friend David for his work […]