American Analog: colorful world of Comic Con

The Sincerely team and I had the chance to hang out at the Walking Dead booth at Comic Con for a couple of days. Spent most of working time shooting iPhone portraits to be sent as Postagrams, but… Read More

ricoh tf-500 camera 35mm film

Journey Into Analog 9: Ricoh TF-500

Found this great Ricoh camera at a yardsale last week and I’m totally loving it. It’s a TF-500, and it really doesn’t look like much. When most folks see me with it, they don’t even bat an eye…. Read More

Journey Into Analog 06

More film goodness. These shots all came from my Adox camera, and I believe they are all shot with Lomo’s Redscale XR film. The pink/light blue ones def are. See more film pics here.

Journey Into Analog 01

I bought my Diana (by Lomography) in December from Photobooth SF (where I also got this tintype portrait). I figured learning more about analog photography could be a great way to help me improve aspects of my digital… Read More