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  • Noisewaves

    If I’m A Baker, You’re A Homewrecker by Noisewaves Noisewaves‘ debut E.P. is a fantastic bit of 8-bit post rock. Comparisons to Anamanaguchi pop-punk sound are frequent, but Noisewaves has a much more introspective sound. More sebadoh than Green Day, if you know what I’m sayinghole. More goodness on Noisewaves’ 8bitcollective page.

  • Flier for Ananamaguchi’s upcoming SF show

    Mike Hales and I created this unique flier for 8bitSF’s upcoming showcase at the DNA. The flier, which is modeled after an NES game cartridge still in it’s sleeve, unfolds to display the full information. Mike designed the sticker label (pixel art and all) and I designed the rest of the flier and developed the…