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Tag: anim8

  • Databender app, video glitching for iOS and iPhone.

    I’ve long been a collector of glitch apps for ios and have had my fingers crossed for a good video glitch (or datamoshing) app. I’ve toyed around with animating Decim8 images, but last week a new app called Databender finally made it’s way to the app store. Databender appears to have two distinct modes: image […]

  • Re: Anim8

    Decim8 is a powerful app for “destroying” your iPhone photos in interesting ways. From straight forward data glitching to bendy-twisty-distorto stuff, the app is packed with cool effects. The effects are selectable, but their intensity randomly changes each time you process an image, so I thought it’d be cool to Decim8 some images, save the […]