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  • It’s pronounced “GIF”: Pieces from the Hard G Project

    It’s pronounced “GIF”: Pieces from the Hard G Project

    Last week I wrote about some pieces I created for the Hard G Project. After hanging these pieces around the city, the organizer of the project then gave a talk at XOXO in Portland. Now that the project is officially over, I can share the gifs I created online. So, here they are: via GIPHY…

  • Kinotopic

    I love playing around with gifs! Lately I’ve been creating cinemagraphs, still images with just a tiny bit of movement, with the Kinotopic app and posting them to the Objective Scenes bloghole.

  • Fan Art: Mission Street Food

    In the short time it’s been around, Mission Street Food has become one of my favorite things in the neighborhood. After talking about making some MSF inspired art since my first visit, I finally took a stab at it yesterday and created this animated Gif last night. For a little extra effect, I let my…