In an alley near 24th St and Mission, there are sidewalks completely covered with the iconic image from Lou Reed’s Transformer album cover. Using an iPhone and some apps, I photographed these stencils and created my own visual… Read More

Photojojo’s Moving Pictures tutorial

Inspired by the super-neat From Me To You blog, the folks at Photojojo have posted a great tutorial on creating animated gifs with an eerie photographic feel. These images, also called “cinemagraphs”, are so cool to look at…. Read More

Mira Cook’s keen videos

Thanks to a recent post on the MishMish blog, I’ve discovered the work of Mira Cook. Her music is largely constructed by vocal loops with minimal instrumentation. It’s dreamy and laid back pop music that works perfectly with… Read More

O Rly? Ya RLY!

Here is my twist on the classic “ORLY” gif. I maded it with pieces from my 3D Without Glasses comic.