DoseOne and my SK-1

I’ve had a roll of good musical guests on my Pop Music show lately. A couple weeks ago I had Crashfaster come in preview a couple tracks from his newest album. Then last week we had Doseone (musician, poet, and co-founder of Anticon records) in the studio to talk about his recent video game soundtrack work, teaching freestyle rap workshops in Oakland schools, and whether or not it’s acceptable to shout “Skate Or Die” at strangers.

At one point in the show, I pulled out my circuit bent Casio SK-1 and made some weird sounds while Dose free-styled. I’ve been a fan of Dose’s work for nearly 16 years, so hanging out and talking music was certainly a highlight of my year. Hear the freestyle up top, or listen to the recent full episodes below.

Pop Cast – 06/17/2014 (with DOSEONE!) by Doc Pop on Mixcloud

Pop Cast – 06/05/2014 (with CRASHFASTER!) by Doc Pop on Mixcloud


New Kitty Pryde EP

I’m a sucker for the minimalist rap and sense of humor that Kitty Pryde brings to the “rap game”. Nerdy references with an Anticon-esque sound, what’s not to like. Speaking of, Kitty covers a classic why? track on a her previous EP. Like! Get her new Ha Ha I’m Sorry EP for a buck, or follow the directions if you want it for free.



New/free music from Baths

I’ve raved about Baths before. The LA based beatmaker/singer has recently released three different down-loadable tracks that I thought some of y’all may be interested.

The first track was posted on LA Expresses article about a new compilation album put together by Heart Music Group. The full album is available for download here.

In another LA Express article, you can find this Bath’s remix of Brad Laner’s “Crawl Back In”.

Brad Laner – “Crawl Back In (Baths Remix)” by INCHES

And one more track, ALSO from the LA Weekly, is a DNTEL remix of Bath’s “Rain Smell”. Share and enjoy.

Rain Smell (Dntel mix) by Dntel

On a final note, here is the music video for Bath’s “Lovely Bloodflow”.

Baths – “Lovely Bloodflow” from anticon. on Vimeo.

Edit: Pitchfork just posted a brand new track from Bath’s titled “Pop Song“. Worth checking out.