Ellen Once Again’s iPhone music video

I love this fantastic song and video by Ellen Once Again. Not only was the music created exclusively with iPhone and iPad apps, she even made the video using an iPhone. The song is a mashup/cover of Bruno… Read More

Beeps And Smudges, an album made with iPhone apps

My new album Beeps and Smudges is available now! The music for Beeps and Smudges was made exclusively with iPhone and iPad apps! The end result is a melody driven minimal electronic music that I believe is some… Read More

DocPop, Unwoman, & Crashfaster live on Ustream

Continuing our Live From Monobomb series, Crashfaster, Unwoman, and myself will be playing a live streaming video show this Friday, July 16th @7PM PST. You can watch the show live on Unwoman’s Ustream channel. I’ll be playing an… Read More

The BoingBoing Picnic in SF

Billy Green posted this short highlight video from the recent BoingBoing picnic in San Francisco. He used a live recording of my playing my Riot Suit remix live on an iPad as the video’s soundtrack. Also, he got… Read More