Postagram Tips and Tricks for Mobile Photography My newest mobile phone photography tips video for Postagram is up now. It features one of my favorite new apps, AntiCrop, which allows users to extend their image beyond it’s original framing. I recently posted a process… Read More

Creating Rasterized Images with Postagram and Tile-R

I just created my first how-to video for Sincerely. It’s a short little video that talks about how to use Tile-R and Postagram to create and send multiple postcards that form a single larger image. All from your… Read More

New York Times, SF Weekly, and Apple Store talk

So many cool things! The New York Times recently published an article on my mobile phone photography! Holy crap, right?! The article was scheduled to run on the front page of tomorrow’s biz section, but Mr. Steve Jobs… Read More

Thank you Dorkbot!

I had a great time at last night’s Dorkbot in San Francisco. The presentations were interesting and the grilled cheese made an excellent dessert. Last night was also the first time I had given a “Power Pointesque” presentation… Read More