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  • #Bandcamp Wrapped 2022

    #Bandcamp Wrapped 2022

    I’m not a fan of Spotify, but I do get jealous of those cool little Spotify Wrapped videos people post each year. I prefer buying my music from Bandcamp, where artists can actually get paid for their work. Bandcamp doesn’t track how often I listen to albums, but I was able to dive into my […]

  • Friday Playlist: >, Amanda Palmer, Big Sur, Tricky, and 8Bit Weapon

    I’ve found so many new great new records lately, so I decided to round them up into a nice little Friday playlist for y’all to enjoy: > by > A self titled release by > full of instrumental chiptunes with heavy emphasis on the drum sequencing. All sounds come directly off of their Gameboy and […]

  • Beeps And Smudges, an album made with iPhone apps

    My new album Beeps and Smudges is available now! The music for Beeps and Smudges was made exclusively with iPhone and iPad apps! The end result is a melody driven minimal electronic music that I believe is some of my best work yet. Instead of describing it any more, please just check it out for […]

  • Get Me Geek Pretty One Day for just $3

    A Brave New Essay by Doctor Popular I released my first full length album in 2008, under the band name Drown Radio. The album, titled Me Geek Pretty One Day, is heavily hip-hop influenced with lots of nerdy lyrics and head nodding instrumentals. I’d hesitate to call it a nerdcore rap album, since there are […]