Flash batman wigglegram gif 3d

Fixing DC’s Batman wigglegram gifs

DC made an animated gif to promote an upcoming issue of Batman, which also teases a Watchmen appearance. It’s a nice gif that uses parallax scrolling to create the illusion of depth, but it does two things that… Read More

Moebius parodies Batman in 1995’s “I Am Not Batman”

Although Mœbius was a legend in the comics industry, it was rare that we ever saw him cross over into the world of mainstream comics. There was “Parable” a beautiful, but poorly written Silver Surfer book he made with Stan… Read More

Batman-esque header

Added this new image into the site’s random pool of headers. It’s based on the BATMAN logo from the 60’s TV show. I drew this during our sunday morning draw-a-long-brunch at Borderlands Cafe.