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  • KnifeTank has a theme song

    crimson dreams (Doctor Popular vs crashfaster) by Knifetank It’s been a while since I’ve posted a new rap song, but I think this song was worth the wait. “Crimson Dreams” started off as a cover of one of the songs that Crashfaster wrote for our KnifeTank game, but soon turned into a nerdrap anthem about…

  • Beefyness.com is a hell of a find

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbXwXLylYZ8 I’m so stoked to see Beefy’s song, Join My Guild, doing so well. This World Of Warcraft themed music video has 15,000 views and counting. The song is just one of many dope tracks on With Sprinkles. Speaking of the Beefhole, I just got Beefy’s verse for our upcoming KnifeTank album. This song is…

  • The Flatjack Incident

    [nggallery id=3] This comic book was created to accompany the first 250 Doc Pop sandwiches (sold at Ike’s Place in SF). The story is totally true. It happened at an IHOP in Seattle during the Mediocre Tour with Beefy and mc router. Beefy is the guy sitting next to me.