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  • Nevera Wars on Kickstarter

    My buddy Daniel has a new card game on Kickstarter called Nevera Wars. It’s a two player deck building game in the style of Magic or Pokemon. I’ve never played those games, so I can’t compare it too closely, but I was really impressed with how fun and strategic Nevera Wars is. A couple of […]

  • Making progress on The Lonely Dungeon

    Making progress on The Lonely Dungeon

    The Lonely Dungeon is a tabletop game I started working on a couple years ago. I cranked out most of the game in a single afternoon and have spent most of the time since then working on the rule book. The rules themselves are fairly simple, but communicating them on paper has been a huge […]

  • Playtesting a new game with label paper and a cheap deck of cards

    I started working on a new card game on Thursday afternoon and had a playable prototype by the end of the day. The game is called ROM and it’s a fun twist on the classic Memory game, but with power ups and other strategies. I created the art in Hexels Pro, doing my normal trixel […]

  • Light Speed, real time strategy card game

    Tonight a few friends and I got together at Mission Creek Cafe for our semi-weekly Game Theory night. GT is when where we get together to think/talk/review/create/and play games of all types. Tonight’s most interesting topic was a card game called Light Speed by CheapAss Games, that emulates real time strategy space games (like StarCraft). […]