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Tag: chiptune

  • Another new song demo

    Happy 2018 y’all. I’ve been cranking away at a bunch of new things already this year. It’s nice to finally be coming out of my funk and being productive again. Later this week I hope to launch a Kickstarter for a collection of hand-folded mini comics, and after that I’ll be doing another yo-yo Kickstarter. […]

  • Happy 808 day, hear some new songs and demos from Sweet Ride

    Happy 808 day, hear some new songs and demos from Sweet Ride

    I’ve been cranking out a bunch of songs lately, on both acoustic and electronic devices. It’s been a blast to be diving into music again. Most of the electronic tunes I’ve been working on were intended to be used for our Sweet Ride video game (which is still in the works), but I’ve already got […]

  • Oddly satisfying mix of chiptune and melting candy

    My buddy Greg Cohen recently published this video from his candy shop, Lofty Pursuits, in Tallahassee, Florida. This video shows a montage of melting candy mixed with one or two of my own chiptune songs. The results are oddly satisfying. The song, Four Million Lines of Basic, originally appeared on Destroy All Presets. Destroy All […]

  • Donating 100% of album sales to the ACLU this weekend

    Bandcamp announced they are donating their cut of album sales to the ACLU for the day (2/3/17). In solidarity, I’m donating 100% of my album sales on Bandcamp to the ACLU too. This will be for any sales between now and Monday morning. I might suggest my 2008 rap album “Me Geek Pretty One Day” […]