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  • Blip Picks

    Tonight is the start of the Blip Festival in NYC. Blip is one of the largest chiptune festivals in the world and has been since the first one a few years back. If you can’t make your way out to NYC this weekend, you can listen to the shows live on WFMU.org! More info here. […]

  • Flier for Ananamaguchi’s upcoming SF show

    Mike Hales and I created this unique flier for 8bitSF’s upcoming showcase at the DNA. The flier, which is modeled after an NES game cartridge still in it’s sleeve, unfolds to display the full information. Mike designed the sticker label (pixel art and all) and I designed the rest of the flier and developed the […]

  • Watch Reformat The Planet online

    2008 has been a good year for dorkumentaries. Along with the dvd release of King of Kong, we’ve also seen the premiere of not one, but two docs about nerdcore hip hop (Nerdcore for Life & Nerdcore Rising). If you just can’t get enough retro gaming and quirky music, be sure to check out Blip […]