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  • Ring Mountain is a blast

    Ring Mountain is a blast

    3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular Posted these pics as part of my 3D City project, but I just wanted to mention how beautiful Ring Mountain is for hiking and whatnot. Apparently it’s great climbing too, but I didn’t bring my shoes with, so I’ll have to get back […]

  • American Analog: Couple’s Roll #3

    Christine and I have really enjoyed shooting our “couple’s rolls”. These are just rolls of film that I shoot on then re-load into the camera for Christine to shoot on top of, resulting in double exposures with surprising results. Here’s our newest roll, shot on my Ricoh R1 and some Tri-X film over the course […]

  • Our Vegas Wedding

    On Tuesday of last week I proposed to Christine at a La Salsa Cantina on the Vegas Strip. I was enjoying one of their Mexican Pizzas, or “Pizza” as they say in Mexico, when it happened. There was just something good about it that I thought “This is the type of pizza I’d like to […]

  • American Analog: Scanning cross processed film

    I’m broke these days, still on the hunt for a new job, which means I never have the scratch to use on film. So I’m finally learning how to scan my own film. It’s working pretty well so far, especially for black and white negatives, but working with colors is tricky… especially when using experimental […]