Ring Mountain is a blast

3D City is a year long stereoscopic photography project by Doctor Popular Posted these pics as part of my 3D City project, but I just wanted to mention how beautiful Ring Mountain is for hiking and whatnot. Apparently… Read More

American Analog: Couple’s Roll #3

Christine and I have really enjoyed shooting our “couple’s rolls”. These are just rolls of film that I shoot on then re-load into the camera for Christine to shoot on top of, resulting in double exposures with surprising… Read More

Our Vegas Wedding

On Tuesday of last week I proposed to Christine at a La Salsa Cantina on the Vegas Strip. I was enjoying one of their Mexican Pizzas, or “Pizza” as they say in Mexico, when it happened. There was… Read More

American Analog: Scanning cross processed film

I’m broke these days, still on the hunt for a new job, which means I never have the scratch to use on film. So I’m finally learning how to scan my own film. It’s working pretty well so… Read More