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  • When Climbers Hookup.

    When Climbers Hookup.

    Spotted this flier in Mission Cliffs last year and forgot about it, but I was cleaning out my photo album recently and thought it was worth sharing. People love it on R/climbing too. Speaking of Mission Cliffs, I just saw this too. Omnomnom pic.twitter.com/YBpUXyrB0a — Doctor Popular (@DocPop) October 19, 2018

  • American Analog: Climber’s Prom

    Last week was our 2nd annual Climber’s Prom at Mission Cliffs. As with last year’s photos, I stuck with Lomo’s 800 ISO color negative film. A few of these shots are from my Diana F+, but most of my favorites were shot on my GR-1 (which is great with color and low light). I’m posting…

  • Beaver Street Wall

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/docpopular/6420959243/in/set-72157628197111057 I got together with some friends over the weekend and did some climbing in Corona Heights Park. I already loved the view from the park, but was totally stoked to learn it had some really unique climbing spots too. Who knew there was great outdoor climbing in the middle of SF? You can check…