American Analog: Climber’s Prom

Last week was our 2nd annual Climber’s Prom at Mission Cliffs. As with last year’s photos, I stuck with Lomo’s 800 ISO color negative film. A few of these shots are from my Diana F+, but most of… Read More

The 2nd annual Climber’s Prom in SF

Last year some friends and I put together our own “prom night” at our local climbing gym. Climbing in our fancy outfits was totally fun, so I’m so excited to do it again. This year we are teaming… Read More

American Analog: Pinnacles

I posted a few iPhone shots and a love letter dedicated to Pinnacles National Park a month back, but here are some of the film shots from that amazing trip too.

Journey Into Analog: TRS by XA-3

Amongst my many “photography goals” is getting better at shooting climbing photos. I’ve only been climbing for about a year, and have only tried taking shots a couple of times, so I thought it’d be fun to shoot… Read More