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Tag: comic book

  • A preview of my next Kickstarter project… feedback please!

    This week I’m planning on launching my next Kickstarter project… a comic book called Far Away. Before it goes live, I’ve made the project draft viewable by anyone with the link, because I’m looking to get feedback. If you have the chance, I’d REALLY appreciate it if you took a look at the page and […]

  • Cowabunga, Chunky Rice

    A few days ago, my friend Jamaica and I got together to redo comic covers in our own styles. Although I love seeing indie artists “covering” classic superhero books, I wanted to try my hand at covering something-not-so-mainstream. This remake of “Goodbye, Chunky Rice” is my first comic cover remake that I’ve done… unless your […]

  • [Comic] Book Of the Month Club

    I’ve never been to a book of the month club before. Although I love the idea of such a get together, my dyslexia has made most books to tedious to read through. For some reason though, I’ve never had too big of an “issue” working my way through a huge pile of comic books. In […]