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Tag: cross processed

  • American Analog: Red Rock Honeymoon

    Shortly after our Vegas wedding, Christine and I took a trip to Red Rock Canyon to climb “Olive Oil”. We hired Cory, a local guide, to pick a spot and bring the gear we were missing which turned out to be a good move. Cory kept us moving easily up the route, which was 600 […]

  • American Analog: Scanning cross processed film

    I’m broke these days, still on the hunt for a new job, which means I never have the scratch to use on film. So I’m finally learning how to scan my own film. It’s working pretty well so far, especially for black and white negatives, but working with colors is tricky… especially when using experimental […]

  • Journey Into Analog: Mini Diana

    Recently scored a Diana Mini (a 35mm clone of the classic Diana) and loaded it with X-Pro film, which I had cross-processed. The end result is a series of over-saturated and blurry, 35mm shots in square format. Kind of fun, but I still prefer my Diana F+. The prints look much nicer than the scans […]

  • American Analog: Diana Streets

    Sunday Streets in the Mission is always my favorite San Francisco event. During last month’s event, I loaded up my Diana F+ with some Crossbird 120 film and had it cross processed. Love the results.