American Analog: Double Exposed Glitched Screens

As a recent experiment, I wanted to see what it would look like if I glitched images (by messing with them in a text editor), took photos of the glitches on my laptop screen, then rewound the film… Read More

Re: Anim8

Decim8 is a powerful app for “destroying” your iPhone photos in interesting ways. From straight forward data glitching to bendy-twisty-distorto stuff, the app is packed with cool effects. The effects are selectable, but their intensity randomly changes each… Read More

Impossible Glitch

This Polaroid took 5 months to develop. I often come across photography nerds that are either die-hard “iPhoneographers” or “analog purists”, but I’ve never felt comfortable picking a side. In the fall of 2012 I was searching for… Read More

Falling in love with Decim8 all over again

I first started using Decim8 during my year long Daily App Experiment and immediately started writing fan mails and feature requests to the app’s designer. This glitching app is my favorite for “destroying” images and honestly made me… Read More