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Tag: destroy all presets

  • Oddly satisfying mix of chiptune and melting candy

    My buddy Greg Cohen recently published this video from his candy shop, Lofty Pursuits, in Tallahassee, Florida. This video shows a montage of melting candy mixed with one or two of my own chiptune songs. The results are oddly satisfying. The song, Four Million Lines of Basic, originally appeared on Destroy All Presets. Destroy All […]

  • Unstuck

    https://twitter.com/DocPop/status/571003579080658944 A couple months ago I shared the story about a package of mine that got lost in shipping somewhere between Germany and here. The package contained all about 100 copies of a special edition Nanoloop cart that had been manufactured specifically for my Kickstarter backers and seemed to disappear somewhere in US Customs. Losing […]