American Analog: Muir meets Diana

Finally got a chance to visit Muir Woods with some friends. I’ve never had much luck shooting nature scenes, so I thought I’d shake things up a little bit and shoot the trip with a Diana F+ and some of Lomo’s 400 ISO film. 120 film usually yields 12 shots per roll, but I decided to shoot on the 16 frame mode, which is what caused the overlapped images in these photos. Looking back, I wish I’d shot with 800 speed film. None of the shots from under the trees turned out that great.


Journey Into Analog 01

Lomo Prints

I bought my Diana (by Lomography) in December from Photobooth SF (where I also got this tintype portrait). I figured learning more about analog photography could be a great way to help me improve aspects of my digital photography. I shot my first four rolls of film using the “pinhole” exposure… meaning not a single shot came out. I guess it’s learning lessons the hard way is part of the experience, but after a lot of practice and experimenting I’m glad to finally have a few shots worth sharing! See the full flickr set here.