Zumi Week: Monochrome (Low Res)

Digital Harinezumi (monochrome)
This week I’m posting a series of posts about the Digital Harinezumi. See them all here.

Yesterday I posted some high res (2048 X 1536) black and white images from my digital Harinezumi, so today I wanted to share some low-res shots to see if we could spot a difference. First off, I have to say I might like shooting in low res better. The images don’t look worse to me and the time it takes between firing off shots is half that of the high res mode (for obvious reasons). I’m not sure, but I think the actual “shutter” time is the same in both modes, meaning I won’t have more motion blur in high res, but I can not confirm that. As with yesterday’s batch, I think the pixelation has an almost film-like quality to it, which I ADORE!


New episode of Doc’s Guide, a Blurb in Wired, and the greatest photo ever taken anywhere ever

I got a nice little “blurb” about self publishing versus vanity printing in Wired this week. Kind of perfect timing considering I’ve been cranking out comics to share digitally on Emanata and quietly working on a new zine of my own black and white photography.

Our newest episode of Doc’s Guide to Mobile Photography features the awesome DuelPic app for iOS… it also features a special appearance by Pepper, our skateboarding office dog. You can see more of these videos here.

I posted a charming little shot of some kids high fiving cyclists on Market St, and now SFist has a great little post title “Could this be the greatest photo ever taken in San Francisco?”. Why limit ourselves to San Francisco. “Could this be the shot that ends photography?”.

Oh, I’ll also being doing a short yo-yo routine at Maket Out room in SF Monday night (11/12) as part of The Rumpus’s monthly event.


Me and my Zumi

A pic of my Zumi

The Digital Harinezumi is a small digital camera that shoots like a toy camera. The lens gives similar “plastic” feel as a Holga, but with a lo-fi aesthetic from the “perfectly flawed” processing chip. I got one of the first generation Zumi’s from Photojojo a year back. Though I thought shooting video in low light was fun, I didn’t really dig the still shots until I started processing them. All shots below were taken on my Harinezumi and then processed on my iPhone using Camera+. See the full Flickr set here:

The old flour mill
Benny McPhee
San Mateo day
Paul Escolar
Down my street