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Tag: dj

  • Maubrowncow’s Laughing Squid themed mix tape

    Tonight is Laughing Squid’s big 15 year anniversary. In honor of this event, Maubrowncow has created this fantastic dj mix of songs that have been featured on the Laughing Squid blog. The mix is extremely impressive and easy on the ears. Rather than posting a straightforward mix, Mauricio has taken the time to really mix […]

  • scratching an MC Lars freestyle with the Baby Scratch app

    I bumped into MC Lars in the studio today and asked him to say something about “losing connection to the internet”. He ended doing a short a capella freestyle which I recorded in Baby Scratch using my iPad’s microphone then threw a quick beat behind it and “played” his freestyle over it. This could be […]

  • Nanoloop workshop and my first iPhone music show TONIGHT

    I’m doing a show tonight and it’s kind of a big deal… to me at least. Not only will it by my first musical (ie not just rapping) performance in probably 8 years, it’s also going to be my first time creating live music using nothing but iPhone apps. I’m still working on my all […]