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Tag: dna lounge

  • 3D shots from 8bitSF

    For this week’s 3D City column (on MissionMission), I posted a bunch of wigglegrams of Bit Shifter from a recent 8bitSF show. Since I still had a bunch of great photos from that night on my roll, I thought I’d share them here. These were taken with my Nimslo on 800 iso color film. For […]

  • Some Digital Harinezumi shots from 8bitSF

    Last week was the big 8bitSF show in at the DNA Lounge in conjunction with the Game Developers Conference. Lots of talented bands (Bright Primate, Disasterpeace, Crashfaster, etc) on stage and chip music fans in attendance. As a personal challenge, I thought it’d be cool to capture some shots on my Harinezumi, which certainly isn’t […]

  • Chip music this Friday in SF at the DNA Lounge

    As mentioned previously, I have a busy weekend ahead of me… starting with a show at the DNA Lounge this Friday night. Not just any show, it’s a jam packed chip music showcase put on by the folks at 8bitSF in conjunction with the Game Developers Conference in town this week. Lots of great artists […]

  • The Glowing Stars

    My friends The Glowing Stars have posted two new videos on their bloghole. The first one documents their debut performance at The DNA Lounge (a show I also DJed at): And the second is an interview they did with Mrs. Veronica Belmont: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K2Wh1mULs8Q The GS are now in the studiohole with Crashfaster, working on their […]