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  • I have a new jobhole!

    Wow, things have been crazy busy for the last few weeks. I’ve been waiting for some free time with which to properly blog about it all, but that isn’t appearing… so today I’m testing out the 20 minute Getting Things Done Method, just to finally update my blog. About a month ago I got a […]

  • Thank you Dorkbot!

    http://www.flickr.com/photos/k0re/5736395434/in/set-72157626630747049 I had a great time at last night’s Dorkbot in San Francisco. The presentations were interesting and the grilled cheese made an excellent dessert. Last night was also the first time I had given a “Power Pointesque” presentation before, which focused on my iPhone photography and my Daily App Experiment project. Keeping with the […]

  • “Spider” music video/art show!

    I’m so proud to finally post the music video for “Spider“, the first single off of my upcoming album Beeps and Smudges. Creating this video has been an interesting process… I had the idea of telling a story at an art show because I thought it would be easier than learning how to animate. Turns […]

  • Catch me at the SF Zine Fest

    This weekend is the annual San Francisco Zine Fest at the County Fair Building in San Francisco. People always ask me why I prefer the SFZF to the Alternative Press Expo. First off, SFZF is free for the public. Anytime an event asks people to pay to get in… which instantly turns those possible consumers […]