American Analog: Couple’s Roll #3


Christine and I have really enjoyed shooting our “couple’s rolls”. These are just rolls of film that I shoot on then re-load into the camera for Christine to shoot on top of, resulting in double exposures with surprising results. Here’s our newest roll, shot on my Ricoh R1 and some Tri-X film over the course of a weekend.


American Analog: Double Exposed Glitched Screens

Glitch Double Exposure

As a recent experiment, I wanted to see what it would look like if I glitched images (by messing with them in a text editor), took photos of the glitches on my laptop screen, then rewound the film and spent a day shooting in the Mission. What first looks like over-saturated light leaks, are actually out of focus shots of corrupted images. You can get an idea of my set up in the shot above, and the final results are below (or see the full set on Flickr).