American Analog: Manchester Mark

Manchester Mark

I met Mark on the corner of 6th and Mission. It was a foggy day and for some reason I kept bumping into people with guitars during my stroll. I stopped Mark to talk about his mandolin and snap some shots of Mark before he disappeared into back into the fog.


American Analog: Apple Picking

Officer Barry

I happened to peek into one of those mobile command vehicles on Market St and noticed a Pac-Man image made out of magnets. I asked the officer inside about it and he said “Yeah, the last guy put that up. I don’t know, it’s kind of stupid.” We got talking about the command center, which is full of REALLY old gear, iPhone apps, and the increase in iPhone and Apple thefts in the last few weeks. He said it’s such an easy way to make quick cash that thieves have started calling it “Apple Picking”.


An army of high fives down Market St

High fives on market st

It was an extra gloomy walk down Market Street this morning until I reached this Muni stop full of schoolkids cheering along every cyclist that came their way. Perfectly lined up along the bike path, the kids started reaching out their palms for some extreme high five action. Even the most serious bikers popped a smile at the scene. Perhaps in a post election world, this is a sign of pedestrians and bicyclists finally coming together 😉

You can also hop over to my Lightt feed to watch these children in action.


Journey Into Anolog: BFFs

Angels fallen

When picking up my latest batch of black and whites I noticed an unintentional trend… they all seem to pics of two friends hanging out. The two homeless dudes heckling the talented one-man-band-performer on Market, the drunk girls yelling “woooooooooo!” out the sun roof of a stretch limo, the guy and his dog that I always see in Mint Plaza. All these folks go together like the LC-A+ and Tri-X film I shot them on.