Pop-Up Zine Shop in an old News Paper Stand

Like their news-bin brethren, you’ll find abandoned newsstands scattered throughout downtown San Francisco. I’ve been a fan of re-using newsbins, but I hadn’t really though about doing anything larger until I saw what the folks at Colpa Press… Read More

More fun with newsbins

Shortly after installing my UC Davis diorama in an un-occupied Employment Guide bin, I scattering mini-OWS protestors in news bins around SF. I’m still playing with the various ways that these empty newspaper racks can be re-used as… Read More

Exploring privately owned public spaces in SF

Last week, my friend Slim shared a document on his Google Reader about “Privately Owned/Public Open Spaces” in downtown San Francisco. Thanks to a couple comments on the article, we’ve decided to do an expedition of some of… Read More