How to get an RSS feed for eBay searches

Let’s say you are a collector of rare Casios. In particular, maybe you are on the hunt for the coveted DM-100. You could make a habit of frequently checking eBay in hopes of catching one of the 3… Read More

Nailed it

eBay seller Didjamatic has written the most creative description of “Who is Doctor Popular?” that I have seen in years. From his item listing 190355270982: This yo-yo was personally setup and modded By Doctor Popular himself. If you… Read More

New items up for auction

I posted 3 new auctions to eBay this morning: Rare Casio DM-100. Circuit bent by Highly Liquid, who also added a midi in. I’ve used this funky beast on several songs, including MC Frontalot’s Pr0n S0ng and several… Read More