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Tag: etsy

  • I felt like sharing this…

    Hine (pronounced “hee-neh”) is a felt genius! She makes camera-shaped camera cases (and phone-shaped iPhone cases too) with a great eye for detail that makes her work stand out. I love this Holga-shaped camera case: Hine’s artistic endeavors with felt aren’t limited to making cases shaped like the items that fit inside them, though. She […]

  • Blue Bolts

    I’ve been waiting to post these special edition Blue Bolts until the shop on my new site is up, but since everyone keeps asking (and I’m not sure when the new site will be finished) I’ve posted ten Blue Bolts on my Etsy page. You can see them here. They are bind return only. Limit […]

  • New Etsy items on DocPopCrafts.com

    This week has been a week of snowballing failures, but at least I’ve finally posted some of my newest batches of wallets and designs onto DocPopCrafts.com. Etsy: Your place to buy & sell all things handmade DocPop.etsy.com I haven’t been outside all day today. In fact, the last several days have all been spent indoors […]