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Tag: executive

  • Blue Executive Yo-Yo release

    Just a heads up that we’ve released one more small batch of Executive yo-yos over on Ernest’s YoYoSF shop. You can buy them here. This will be the last release we do this year, but hopefully we’ll be back next year with more Executive releases. More fun with the #executiveyoyo A video posted by Doctor […]

  • A small batch of red Executives available for a limited time

    A few months ago, we launched a Kickstarter for the Executive Yo-Yo, a high performance yo-yo that’s small enough to fit in your pocket. As a Halloween surprise, we’ve released a small batch of Executives for sale on YoYoExpert.com. These Executives come in a fiery red anodized finish. Super sexy! If you missed our Kickstarter, […]

  • The Executive Kickstarter is ending soon- win a free prototype!

    It’s only been a couple of weeks since Ernest and I launched our Executive Yo-Yo project on Kickstarter and the response has been tremendous! We are currently 500% above our goal and are trending to become the most popular yo-yo project on Kickstarter yet. The campaign ends in just a few days, so if you […]