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Tag: experiment

  • American Analog: Double Exposed Glitched Screens

    As a recent experiment, I wanted to see what it would look like if I glitched images (by messing with them in a text editor), took photos of the glitches on my laptop screen, then rewound the film and spent a day shooting in the Mission. What first looks like over-saturated light leaks, are actually […]

  • Impossible Glitch

    This Polaroid took 5 months to develop. I often come across photography nerds that are either die-hard “iPhoneographers” or “analog purists”, but I’ve never felt comfortable picking a side. In the fall of 2012 I was searching for a way to able to merge my digital and analog photography together when I came across the […]

  • Journey into Analog: Half frame hall of fame

    The LC-A‘s bigger cousin, the LC-Wide, has some great features. I recently posted some black and white shots from mine, but I wanted to mess around with the LCW’s “half frame” mode. By setting your camera to half frame, it only advances half as much as normal mode for each shot, there’s also a half-frame […]

  • Journey Into Analog 14: Ruined and Abused

    Sometimes you fuck up. Your film is too old, shots too exposed, or maybe you even opened your camera halfway through a roll of film. With this batch of film, I pretty much did all of these things… but I’m glad I decided to process it anyways. The shot above, of my friend Isaac Fitzgerald, […]