Happy Birthday, Bob Moog!

In honor of what would have been Bob Moog’s 82nd birthday, I made this trixel art using Hexels Pro. This is based on a classic promotional shot of Bob from 1975. I shared this on r/synthesizers and had… Read More

Misheard Blackbird Raum lyrics (fan art)

The first Blackbird Raum track I fell in love with is “Witches” off of Swidden. A punk song performed on musical saw, accordion, and a washboard, “Witches” is about betraying nature and is filled with fantastically bad-ass lines… Read More

“Everyday Tokusatsu” a benefit for the Red Cross

As some of you may know, I have been working on a series of paintings to help raise money for The Red Cross. The series, “Everyday Tokusatsu”, is just a fun twist on Tokusatsu (Japanese live-action tv shows)… Read More

Cowabunga, Chunky Rice

A few days ago, my friend Jamaica and I got together to redo comic covers in our own styles. Although I love seeing indie artists “covering” classic superhero books, I wanted to try my hand at covering something-not-so-mainstream…. Read More