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  • SF Zine Fest 2010 pt 4: KnifeTank fan art

    While sitting at my table at the SF Zine Fest a few people stopped and asked if I had any KnifeTank merchandise. I was totally caught off guard every time. I didn’t have any signs up about KnifeTank, nor did I tweet about having anything with me. Nevertheless, I did happen to have a few…

  • My Street Fighter-esque Twitter background

    This is my Street Fighter II inspired font and “fighter” picture that I created for my Twitter page. Hadouken!

  • PITFALL! (covered version)

    PITFALL! (covered version)

    Inspired by the fantastic Covered blog, I thought it would be fun to create a “Doc Pop” version of the classic Activision game “PITFALL!“. The piece was created over a week’s worth of BART rides, using cheap watercolor and ink. I also experimented with a “reverse” applique technique on the rainbow that looks totally for…

  • Super Top fan art by Danno!

    “Next Time” is Danno‘s clever take on my Super Top character. I met Danno back in my Minneapolis days. I believe he’s one of the founding members of the Cartoonist Conspiracy, which he is still highly active in. He drew this back in ’03 or ’04 and it’s got a special place in my heart-hole…