3D shots from 8bitSF

For this week’s 3D City column (on MissionMission), I posted a bunch of wigglegrams of Bit Shifter from a recent 8bitSF show. Since I still had a bunch of great photos from that night on my roll, I thought I’d share them here. These were taken with my Nimslo on 800 iso color film. For the flash, I used a Flashq Bluetooth remote trigger that I scored on Indiegogo (for anyone interested I recommend their new project here). This allowed me to play with different lighting angles as well as “hiding” the flash in the shot for creative lighting. Super fun!

These shots include 8bitSF regulars: Crashfaster, Noukon, Minusbaby, Together We are Robots, Emi Spicer, Bit Shifter, and Nick Drexler.



Analog:Glitches – an experimental art show with glitched out Polaroids

I’m excited to announce my next photography show, Analog:Glitches, at Photobooth SF. This show will be a collection of glitch’d out digital images (shot & edited on my iPhone) that are magically transferred onto real instant film using the Impossible Project’s Instant Lab. These images have all been tweaked using Decim8, Glitch Lab, TrueHDR, and various other techniques I’ve learned during my ongoing “appsperiment” series. Though work is experimental in nature, the show sort of represents my transition over the years from being an iPhone photographer to working primarily with film. Though I’m most at home shooting on a roll of Tri-X film, I’m still heavily influenced by the lessons I learned while shooting on a mobile device.

Impossible Glitches opens on March 22nd, 2014 at Photobooth SF with a party from 6-8pm. We’ll be showing some of my favorite Impossible Project images along with copies of a limited edition color zine collecting all 24 photos in the series. I’ll also be hosting a series of photowalks and tutorials to help teach some of my appsperiment techniques. More on that later.


American Analog: ImageTech 3D film camera


Looking back at my work this year, I have to say that the brief experiments I did with 3D film cameras and animated gifs are some of my favorite shots. I think I’d like to step up my stereoscopy game next year, so I decided to pick up some new cameras to mess around with. The first one, used for these shots, is an ImageTech 3D camera which I found on eBay for $5. I used Tri-X film and I’m somewhat happy with the results. The ImageTech uses 3 lenses, rather than the 4 that my Nishika uses. I was hoping this would mean more square formatted images, but it’s the same portrait orientation that you’d find on most 3D film cameras.