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  • American Analog: Astronautalis

    American Analog: Astronautalis

    After posting last week’s batch of iPhone shots from the Astronautalis show, as well as my first batch of shots from my new Belair camera, I wanted to follow up with these shots. Both of these shots, from Astro‘s birthday show at The Elbo Room, were taken on 800 color negative with my new Belair.

  • Journey Into Analog: They Might Be Giants

    The Giants won the series and our neighborhood went nuts. I’ve shared some epic iPhone shots and Lightt videos from the rioting, but I also wanted to share some of the film shots from that night too. The 35mmm shots are all from the first hour of celebrating… then I went back out with my…

  • American Analog: the GIF City

    I had messed around with animating shots from analog 3D cameras before, and loved the result. So on my last trip to NYC I decided to shoot a bunch of rolls and see what I could come up with. These shots were all taken on a Nishika N9000, which I honestly didn’t like as much…

  • Flash on the iPhone

    I finally got Flash running on the iPhone! Also managed to get Emperor Ming on the iPhone too. You might not get the full effect of Flash on the iPhone from the photo above, but maybe this will help: duntduntduntdunt duntduntduntdunt Flash! ah-ahh! duntduntduntdunt Savior of the Universe! duntduntduntdunt duntduntduntdunt Flash! ah-ahh! duntduntduntdunt He’ll save…